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The material in this section is derived from 98 Acres ...the story of Meadowbrook, compiled and written for the 70th anniversary of the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association by Meadowbrook resident Robyn Schaefer in October, 2001.

The Early History of Brighton
A brief sketch of the early history of Upstate New York, our broader "neighborhood."  More...

A Tale of Two Abners
Abner B. Buckland was an early Rochester settler and he built a brick home that still stands on Winton Road. In time the Buckland Farm, comprising 98 acres of land that is now Meadowbrook, became the property of his grandson Abner M. Buckland and his wife and children. In 1926 Abner M., then being upwards of 70 years old, sold the Buckland Farm to the Kodak Employees Realty Corporation and Meadowbrook as we know it was born.  More...

Location, Location, Location: The Selling of Meadowbrook
This section traces the development of Brighton and the rise in the 1920s of the Kodak Employees Realty Corporation to address a severe housing shortage. The Realty Corporation bought the Meadowbrook Tract with a unique vision, and the planning and preparation for this neighborhood displayed the same attention to detail that can be observed in its architecture.  More...

A Trip Through Meadowbrook
An attractive promotional booklet entitled "A Trip Through Meadowbrook" described a young and growing neighborhood. This is a must-read!  More...

The Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association
The story of Meadowbrook is intimately tied to that of the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association. Read the story of the Meadowbrook Association here.  More...

Why Is It Called The Dandelion?
Our neighborhood newsletter, the "Meadowbrook Dandelion" has been well-loved by Meadowbrook residents since its first publication in 1933.  More...

Black Friday
On September 21, 1951, two Meadowbrook children were among the casualties in the "Brighton Blast," a natural gas explosion that destroyed fifteen homes in our neighborhood.  More...
On September 21, 2011, sixty years after "Black Friday," reporter Ray Levato of News10 NBC (WHEC-TV) retold the story. Watch the video...

South Meadowbrook (a.k.a. The Danburys)
Twenty years after the first houses were built in our neighborhood, homes were built on Danbury Circle North and Danbury Circle South to meet the growing demand for homes of great quality. This is the story of South Meadowbrook.  More...

Who's Who in Meadowbrook Past and Present
Over the years, Meadowbrook has been home to a variety of outstanding individuals. Get to know some of them here.   More...

Robyn Schaefer thanked the following people, who each contributed to the material in this section:

Betsy Brayer   Virginia Oberkoetter
Kathy Connor   Priscilla Petrillo
Leo Dodd   Ruth Kingston Porter
Suzanne Donahue   Todd and Carolyn Reynolds
Richard H. Eisenhart   Nancy Rosenberg
Harry D. Fraysier   Jane Sanford
Ken and Judy Harbison   Ian Schaefer
Ed and Melissa Hopkins   Jack Schaefer
John Jakes   Tom and Meg Upson
Linda Lakeman   Laura Wadleigh
Mary Jo Lanphear   Ed Wiltse
David Leavitt  


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Other Resources

Democrat and Chronicle and The Times Union newspapers from 1952 on film at Rundell Library

The George Eastman House museum archives

The Kodak Magazine, issues from the 1930's

The Landmark Society library and resource center

Early issues of the Meadowbrook Dandelion

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