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Neighborhood Maintenance

The following items are some of the most often violated town regulations that affect property values in Brighton and the health and safety of our residents. You can help to enhance the appeal of Brighton by keeping them in mind as you plan projects or work around your house and yard.

Junk Vehicles

"Junk" vehicles are any ungaraged motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, mobile homes, buses, etc.) that are unregistered and/or uninspected. Vehicles that are stored for a long period of time or have been abandoned present not only aesthetic issues, but also very real safety hazards. Junk vehicles are not permitted anywhere in Brighton.

Trash Pickup

Upon request, Waste Management will pick up large items such as appliances, mattresses, carpet and building materials. Call Waste Management directly at 254-3500 to arrange pickup. Remember also that trash should not be put out until the day prior to scheduled collection and trash containers must be removed from the front yard by the end of the day of pickup.


Lawns should not be allowed to grow taller than 6" in height. All land must be kept free of accumulations of brush, dead trees, branches, trash, etc.

Campers & Trailers

Outside parking on residential lots of campers or other vehicles or trailers greater than 24' in length OR 6' in height is prohibited for longer than 72 hours within any four day period.

Front Yard Parking

Parking of vehicles on front yard grassed areas is not allowed.

Peeling Paint

Town code requires proper maintenance of exterior surfaces. If you feel that a property violates this requirement, call the Building and Planning Department at 784-5226; the department will ask an inspector to determine whether or not a violation has occurred.


Permits are required for fences, sheds, decks, air conditioners, generators, both in-ground and above-ground pools, and some roofing projects. Contact the Building & Planning Department at 784-5226 for further information.

Resolving Problems

If you have questions regarding property maintenance or building permits, please call the Building & Planning Department at 784-5221 or 784-5226. For property maintenance complaints call the code enforcement mailbox at 784-5370.

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