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Mission & Background

Since its formation in the earliest days of our neighborhood, the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association has been an important part of the Meadowbrook story. Formed in 1931, the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association is an unincorporated association and one of the oldest continuously functioning neighborhood associations in western New York.

The Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association provides a variety of ways for residents to connect with one another and cultures a sense of community:

  • Events such as an annual Block Party and a Children's Parade and Ice Cream Social provide opportunities to meet our neighbors and spend time together in community.
  • The Dandelion, our neighborhood newsletter, brings us news of the community and the neighborhood.
  • The Meadowbrook Directory, published every two years, lists residents of the neighborhood and makes it easy to be in touch with our neighbors.
  • The Meadowbrook website provides a rich online home for information about the neighborhood and the Association.
  • Three Meadowbrook Facebook groups facilitate informal discussion among our residents.
  • Decorative street signs mark each entrance to the neighborhood, contribute to its character, and help establish a neighborhood identity.

Annual dues subsidize these activities, publications, and social events.

In years gone by, The Dandelion -- our neighborhood newsletter -- served as the primary means of communication between the Association and Meadowbrook residents. These days, email and Facebook provide rich and immediate vehicles for staying in touch, and the Dandelion is only issued a couple of times each year. While we still mail a hard-copy version of the Dandelion to those neighbors who do not have email, we urge every neighbor to sign up for our email list. Participating in our Facebook groups -- open only to Meadowbrook residents -- provides a fun and informal way to interact with your neighbors on a daily basis.

The Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association is led by a board of directors who volunteer their time and energy. The duties of a director are described here and their meeting schedule is available here. Every board meeting is open to all residents, and the board welcomes your participation!

Since its founding, the Association has been dedicated to preserving the traditions that make Meadowbrook unique. The most important part of that tradition is our neighbors. Please take the opportunity to get to know your neighbors a little better, and together enjoy all that Meadowbrook has to offer you!

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