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Dinner Dance


For decades, the Meadowbrook dinner dance was a much-loved annual tradition. It began as a way of celebrating the "passing of the torch," as new directors assumed their duties from those whose two-year terms had expired. At its height, it grew to be a special evening out for the "grown-ups" of the neighborhood that began with a cocktail party in each of the sixteen neighborhood districts, hosted by the district's director. The centerpiece of the evening was a formal dinner and dancing at one of Rochester's fine private country clubs. It was always a nice meal, an excuse to scope out the Country Club of Rochester, Oak Hill, or the Valley Club, and a chance to socialize with neighbors.

The dinner dance tradition is now revived from time to time, in the form of a celebration of milestone anniversaries of the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association. The last dinner dance was held in January of 2012, in celebration of the association's 80th anniversary. It was a unique and fun evening of art, music, food and friendly games of chance, all at Artisan Works.

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