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Our Facebook Groups

Meadowbrook Neighbors Group

You are invited to join your Meadowbrook neighbors on Facebook!

We've set up a closed group, and membership is restricted to residents of our neighborhood to protect our privacy. This "digital neighborhood" augments the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association's activities by providing a forum for resident-to-resident communication.

Do you want to...
...start a book club?
...compare notes about your experience with a contractor?
...just get to know your neighbors better?

Our Facebook group is the perfect venue for connecting with your neighbors and making the most of your experience here in Meadowbrook.  We look forward to seeing you here and around the neighborhood!

Questions? Please contact our group's administrators, Stacia Rush and Tess Callard, at facebook_group_1@meadowbrookbrighton.org.

Meadowbrook Parents Group

The Meadowbrook Parents Group helps connect families in the neighborhood.

Do you want to...
...meet new friends?
...set up a play date for your kids?
...arrange carpools?

We've agreed to keep posts about items for sale out of the group, but free kid-related items to be given away are fine.

Questions? Please contact our Parents Group administrator, Kate Antoniades, at facebook_group_2@meadowbrookbrighton.org.

Meadowbrook Book Club

The Meadowbrook Book Club meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 8:30 p.m. Our Facebook group is used by club members as an adjunct to our face-to-face discussions, and to keep up to date on meeting logistics, etc.

Questions? Please contact our Book Club administrator, Kate Antoniades at facebook_group_3@meadowbrookbrighton.org.

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