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Need a Realtor?

At some point, we each will! Our neighbors are a valuable source of references to trusted realtors. This page is an opportunity to share what you know and to learn from others.


This page contains a collection of ratings, written by Meadowbrook neighbors for Meadowbrook neighbors. It does not constitute an opinion, endorsement or statement regarding any realtor by the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association. The Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association takes no responsibility for these ratings.

Individuals providing the ratings have made a representation to the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association that they have done so truthfully, based on their specific experience(s) with the realtor rated.

Share What You Know

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A Note to Agents

Please do not use the Meadowbrook Neighborhood Association or this website as a reference in your advertising. Your happy clients are your best references.

Our Rating System

4 stars =  Excellent
3 stars =  Good
2 stars =  Fair
1 star =  Poor

Agents With Whom We've Worked

Agent (Agency)PhoneRatingRated by...
Darryl Gronsky (Nothnagle) 381-4770 4 stars Mark and Vicky Iafrati
Ginny Hronek (Nothnagle) 241-3020 4 stars Robin Doctor
Norma Fennel (Mitchell Pierson) 586-6622 4 stars Mark and Vicky Iafrati
Kristen Vanden Brul (RE/MAX Plus) 727-3456 4 stars Jody Hellman
Marilyn Greenberg (Nothnagle) 461-6339 4 stars Christie Petrenko
Rick Borrelli (RE/MAX Realty Group) 719-3550 4 stars Christie Lawrence
Steve Ward (RE/MAX) 389-1045 4 stars Chris Maas
Barb Kozel (RE/MAX) 756-7451 4 stars Sue Miller
Sue Ververs (Nothnagle) 389-4088 4 stars Jed Kunz
Craig Schneider (NORCHAR) 333-2906 4 stars Jennifer Petschke
Cindy Blair (Magellan) 802-8022 4 stars Matt and Colleen Dye
Georgia Woodring (Nothnagle) 755-0606 4 stars Suzanne DeMers
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