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What's the scoop?

We use our e-mail list to keep Meadowbrook residents up-to-date.

What you will find in our e-mail messages:

  • Event reminders
  • Security alerts
  • Lost pet alerts
  • New listings of homes for sale
  • Link to a PDF version of the latest issue of the Dandelion

What you won't find in our e-mail messages:

  • Chit chat
  • Items for sale or wanted
  • Services offered or wanted

We promise never to share your e-mail address with any business or other organization.

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What About Paper?

Dead trees? Kind of a thing of the past. Once you've subscribed to our email list, you'll be much better connected than you could ever be by receiving just the Meadowbrook Dandelion. You'll hear from the Association more often, and in a much more timely way. And our Facebook groups provide a rich and immediate way to stay in touch with your neighbors on a day-to-day basis.

These days, the Dandelion is only issued a couple of times each year. While we still mail a hard-copy version of the Dandelion to those neighbors who do not have email, we urge every neighbor to sign up for our email list using the form on this page.

We'll continue to update the Meadowbrook Directory in hard copy form once every two years. We also maintain a simplified digital version of the Directory that's available online to everyone that subscribes to our email list.

In short, subscribing to our email list is the best way of keeping in touch with your neighborhood!

Need to Get the Word Out?

If you'd like us to send an E-Mail Alert about a new home listing or a lost pet, please drop our list administrator a note: admin@meadowbrookbrighton.org

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